A Few Days in Minnesota

September 6, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, you would have known that I was in Minnesota for several days for a photo shoot. It was a new state for my wife and me, which was exciting! And it is the furthest north we’ve been in the US. We arrived at the Minneapolis airport and immediately drove a couple hours north to Cloquet, which is where we stayed. Our friend, and creative director for the shoot, used to live there so we used it as a home base for shooting in nearby Duluth and the coast along Lake Superior. I LOVE small towns. It’s photo gold for me. I also love visiting the local diners and bars. The older the better. Once we wrapped up the shoot we headed back down to Minneapolis, which is a city we have been wanting to visit.

Minneapolis was definitely cool. It had so many different neighborhoods. We were fond of the Warehouse District and Uptown. We went to two distilleries there, had great pizza, and even went to the world’s only Vegan butcher shop! I’ve compiled a bunch of photos as well as a map of some of my worth-while places to visit in these areas if you are ever there. I plan to do more of these maps when I have time, but I’ve been to so many places that it is difficult to sit down and make guides.

Recommended Places:

Outfit details:
Henley: Old Navy – $21
Light Jeans: American Eagle – $20
Dark Jeans: Skinny Active Flex – American Eagle – $20
Sweatshirt: Vintage 1963 Sweatshirt – Shop Stay Classic – $45
Boots: High Fidelity in tan – Eastland – 6pm – $79
Watch: NATO Watch Strap & Minimalist Leather Watch 36mm Face – Shop Stay Classic
Sunglasses: Topman – Nordstrom – $25

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