A Few Days in the Desert

June 19, 2016

Last week we headed to the high desert with two of our best friends to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a new house and job (for them), an engagement, and Father’s Day. But really we just hung out in an amazing secluded AirBnB (if you’re new to AirBnB use this link for $25 off!!). Although it lacked cell service and WiFi (which proved to be more annoying than we thought because of all the work we all had to do online), it was amazing. The hot tub had the best view! We visited our favorite spots in Yucca and Joshua Tree and pretty much just relaxed. Well, as much as you can with a 10 month old that is. I brought along my new Away Carry-On and it worked out perfectly! I ended up being able to fit a lot more in there than I thought.

Tee: Free Spirit Tee – Bad Revival – $35
Short Sleeve Shirt: J. Crew Factory
Long Sleeve Shirt: Delave Irish Linen Shirt – $36
Suitcase: The Carry-On – Away (c/o)

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