A Quick Bit About Price and Quality

October 15, 2015

(this was just going to be a normal quick post but I just kept typing)

So I have had this faux leather jacket for probably 3 years. Almost every time I wear it I get compliments and people asking me where it is from. I love telling them it’s from………………… Forever 21! This jacket cost me something like $40. I can’t actually remember when I got it but it had to be at least 3 years ago. That’s about $13 per year. And holy shit do I wear it a lot! And NOTHING is wrong with it. It has all the right creases and fits perfectly. I hate that they don’t sell it anymore because I would get 5 more. And it’s not real leather… which is usually something people say can’t be good quality. Eat it.

I just wanted to mention this because SO MANY people talk about price vs. quality and say shit like “sure, if you spend $30 on a shirt you’ll need to get a new one every few months because it’ll fall apart.” This jacket, and basically my entire wardrobe is proof that this isn’t true! Most of the stuff I have is from the “cheap shitty stores” like Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo, J. Crew Factory, American Eagle, etc. And if I really like something I will wear it over and over. I have shirts from J. Crew Factory that I got 4 years ago for $12 that I still wear all the time! The jeans in this outfit are also a little over a year old and were $39. Levi’s. I didn’t need to spend $200 on selvedge denim to get the perfect fit and creases and fades and blah blah blah. Also, how many freggin denim companies does there need to be? JESUS!

People ask me all the time about the quality of some of the stores I buy from, and if they should invest in quality. I always tell them that I would rather have a wide variety of things to wear, rather than spend the same amount of money and only have 2 shirts and a pair of pants. However, all the cheap shit I buy ends up lasting me years any way. Sure, there are some things that are more expensive that are great quality and could or should be invested in, but that all depends on you. But are the oxford shirts on Mr. Porter (that average like $150… and ya, there is one for $395!!!!!!!!) really that much better than one from Uniqlo, or even Target? I doubt it!

So, basically, just try different stores out. Don’t take things said on the internet to heart. Try stuff for yourself! Also, make sure to look at the outfit photos of the people leaving comments on Reddit or other blogs that are trashing outfits. What do they look like when they get dressed? Most of the time I find that people who leave asshole comments dress terribly and shouldn’t be giving advice nor leaving comments talking crap about other people’s outfits.


Jacket: Forever 21 (similar, 2)
Shirt: Vintage from eBay years ago
Jeans: Levi’s 511 in Rigid Dragon – Amazon – $39
Boots: High Fidelity in tan – Eastland – 6pm – $79 (also here)
Watch: The Minimalist Leather Watch – Shop Stay Classic – $30
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Clubmaster – $87 (cheaper)

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