Arizona Road Trip

December 1, 2018

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A few weeks ago we headed out on another road trip; this time to Arizona. We had done a similar trip 2 years ago but our son couldn’t really walk back then so this time around it was way better. Our first stop was Joshua Tree to hang out with our friends there. We had a picnic and bonfire in the park and checked out our friends’ new VW Bus. Which is amazing, of course. The next day we headed out to Arizona. Our route was: Phoenix, Arcosanti, Sedona, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Tucson.

I wanted to compile all of these memories from the trip into a book that I’d be able to share with my family as the perfect holiday gift, so that we could look back and remember this trip and the good times at any time!

I got so many great landscape pictures while we were on the trip that I decided to make another Blurb book. This time more focussed on the art content I created, rather than the family stuff like the last one I created. I opted for a fabric cover with dust jacket for this one, rather than the wrap around cover like last time. This is a bit more reminiscent of my thesis book. I love the oatmeal fabric and I used my favorite Pro Line Uncoated paper again! It just feels like an art book. I used the Blurb Lightroom plugin to create this one and that made it super easy to just edit the photos, organize, design the book, and upload and order all in one application.

Since this is more of a gift for my family I didn’t want to list it for sale to the public. But I love that fact that you CAN sell directly with Blurb. You can even check out my store on there for some of the books I have created in the past.

If my last post didn’t convince you to check out Blurb then I’m sure this one will! Especially with the holidays coming up; a book is SUCH a great present. We give our family a book every year with photos of our son from that year and this year we have this book and our Italy book to gift them! It’s also a great way to scrapbook your year or a trip or something and give it to your significant other… or yourself. Treat yoself! And Blurb has a ton of different sizes so you don’t have to make a super expensive book to give away.

What are you waiting for? Get to making! Happy holidays!

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