Backpacking with a Baby

August 3, 2016

Having a baby means you need to pack A LOT more stuff when you go anywhere. I mean, even a trip to the market means bringing a bunch of “just in case” stuff like diapers, a change of clothes, food, and toys. Lately when we have made trips out to the desert or even our trip to Sedona we realized that hiking and doing stuff like that is much more difficult because of the extra stuff you need. And carrying a baby adds to that!

I got this backpack and toiletry kit from SWISSGEAR as a means to have one bag to do all the carrying regardless of the situation. The backpack is the perfect size for carry daily essentials, wether it be walking around the city or the mountains. I love that the toiletry kit, which is meant to hang in a closet or towel rack, can just be hung anywhere… like our car trunk or a tree. It’s perfect for when you need to change a diaper. The bag is also super light so it doesn’t add a lot of unnecessary weight and it’s compact enough to fit in a stroller or under a table at a restaurant.

So I like that I can have one bag that is just strictly used for daily travel. Wether it be a hike or a trip to the grandparents. It makes it easy to have one place to keep everything and not forget anything. Plus the bag is only $30! It’s a great bag that helps me transition to my summer travels and back into my day to day life. And it pairs perfectly with my ultra compact GB Pockit Stroller. I also picked up some of their hardside luggage for my travels as well.  Check out SWISSGEAR for these bags and many others!

This post was sponsored by SWISSGEAR. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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