Bonding Over Bourbon

June 5, 2017

With Father’s Day approaching I thought I’d share a little story about how my dad helped me develop my interest in whiskey. If you have followed this blog or my Instagram for a while you have probably seen whiskey make one or two……let’s be honest, many many appearances. If I ever am out at a restaurant or bar I will choose a whiskey based cocktail 95% of the time. And when I hit a dive bar my default is a bourbon on the rocks. And when I hang out at parents’ house my dad and I usually catch over over a glass of whiskey.

I wasn’t always into whiskey, though. As I grew up (I’m talking late 20s!) I started to become more curious about the whiskey. And as I became more curious both my brother and I started tasting different brands with our dad. It’s nice when you have someone that gets excited about trying different whiskeys and is able to bankroll your new curiosity 🙂 We went through a lot of different kinds because my dad became obsessed with the YouTube reviewer Ralfy. If you haven’t seen his stuff you should check it out. He lives in a shack in the middle-of-nowhere Scotland and he drinks whiskey and reviews them. One of his reviews brought us to Elijah Craig. We were intrigued because he gave it a great review and the bottle comes in under $30! So we had to try it. It became a staple in our household.

My dad had been a fan of the Rusty Nail cocktail for years and when he introduced it to me and my brother we quickly became big fans. We have even been barrel aging a Rusty Nail since Christmas to open this Christmas. It is traditionally made with Scotch but we like to use Elijah Craig in place of Scotch because it is usually on hand and tastes nice and sweet. But in all honesty, we usually just drink it straight. It’s that good.

I’ll be sharing some more stuff with Elijah Craig over on my Instagram over the next couple of weeks so follow along!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Elijah Craig. The opinions and text are all mine.

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