December 4, 2017

December 5, 2017

Sponsored by Zappos.

We headed to the zoo yesterday, as we do many times per week. Damn a membership and living 10 minutes away is nice. I wore these new UGG Vestmar boots which are so strangely light. I’m used to boots being bulky and heavy, but these things feel light as air. Which is great for walking all around the zoo. I grabbed em from Zappos since I can get them shipped the next day, because who has patience anymore when it comes to shipping? I know I don’t. 3-5 day shipping? Sorry, I’ll shop somewhere else 😝.

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  • Justin Case

    I don’t know…maybe it’s time to let the hair go eventually. It doesn’t get better, you are balding like hell. Doesn’t look healthy anymore. The front is gone and won’t come back, no matter what. Why don’ you shave it, or at least try a buzz-cut?

    • Tim

      Imma go ahead and stick with it. Thanks for the comment.

  • Samantha B

    What a rude comment. Great post, you have a beautiful family and all of your light shines through your posts, thanks for sharing. Something (most) women don’t worry about is balding… I can’t imagine the stress and lack of confidence that can be associated with it. Hair has its attachments for all people. You do you and fuck that person up there. A truly inconsiderate and ugly comment.

    • Tim

      thank you!

  • Kevin Leng

    You always have the sharpest style and I think your hairstyle is just fine, I didn’t notice anything wrong.

    • Tim

      Thanks, man.