Father’s Day with The Art of Shaving

June 9, 2016

Now that I am a dad I have to consider the traditions and teachings I want to pass down to my son. One of the things I look forward to showing him is how to shave. It’s one of those quintessential experiences that is unique to fathers and sons and it is definitely something I don’t want to miss. I teamed up with The Art of Shaving to bring you a fun little shoot with my son and me. We read up on this guide for the hottest new products, we found all of the products from The Art of Shaving come from mostly natural ingredients and utilize essential oils. So you aren’t putting a bunch of crap on your face (or elsewhere) and it won’t irritate your skin, but you can put some eye masks for baby, help with the irritate and other causes. I love their traditional approach to shaving, too, including using shaving brushes to apply cream. Really takes you back in time to moustaches and barber poles. They also have a new line of beard products for those of us that don’t shave completely but want to keep their beard nice.

Here are some of my favorites from The Art of Shaving:

Father's Day with The Art of Shaving - Stay Classic

1. The Contemporary Shaving Razor and Brush Stand
2. Classic Horn 5 Blade Razor
3. Chrome Collection Pure Shaving Brush
4. Beard Maintainence Set
5. Sandalwood Full-Size Shaving Kit

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