Guest Room for the Holidays

November 27, 2016

Now that we have a baby the holidays have become a bit complicated. Every family member wants to see him on every holiday; which isn’t so easy when people live all over the place. So without a doubt, this holiday season will bring us many a-houseguest. Luckily we have the space, well, sort of. We decided to convert this little room that we have been using for our son’s play room into a guest room for the next month or so. It fits a bed, a little table, and that’s about it. It’s the perfect size for when you want people to stay, but not for very long 🙂 Of course, we needed to get a new mattress for the room so we turned to Tuft & Needle.

We hadn’t tried out the mattress before, but we heard nothing but good stuff about them, First time was from my grandmother who is sick with Alzheimer so we weren’t so sure but at the end even her caregiver gave good reviews for this mattress, to learn more about caring for seniors visit And, sure enough, it’s awesome! It’s the perfect balance of soft and hard, with the best part of memory foam: no transfer of motion! After the holidays we are definitely going to swap our mattress for the Tuft & Needle. Or maybe even sooner. Perhaps we’ll list the room on AirBnB too. Who’s coming?

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