Home Automation with Sengled

December 15, 2017

If you didn’t know, my wife and I have an AirBnB called The Coyote House out in the Joshua Tree area of Southern California. It was quite an undertaking and is still a work in process even a year later. One thing I really wanted to do when setting it up was to take advantage of all the home automation products that are out there. One: because I am a tech nerd, and two: because it’s necessary when we aren’t at the house all the time.

Having lights that go on automatically is a nice way to make your home more secure, at least it gives me the peace of mind to think that it is. These Sengled Element bulbs are an affordable way to achieve this. The starter pack of 2, including the hub, is only $40. The setup was super easy because the starter kit is already paired with the hub so you really just need to download the app and get going. And because I already had a Wink hub, I didn’t even need to use the Sengled one.

They also have these awesome bulbs with a built in bluetooth speaker! This is perfect for us because I installed one on the exterior of the house and I didn’t have to run power to a speaker because the bulbs run off of the existing power in the socket!! Mind blown.

This post is in partnership with Sengled

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