I Never Thought I Would…

July 29, 2016

Well, I never thought I would say this, but I bought a pair of joggers. Yep. Those stupid pants that have elastic around the ankle and are supposed to be a hybrid of regular pants and sweatpants. When the jogger craze started I couldn’t see the point. “Just wear normal pants!” I said. But joggers have come a long way since they began. These are the kind I didn’t like and I would avoid…jogger-pants

They are fine for inside your house, but a little crazy for normal use. But you know, that’s just my opinion, do what you want. I also have a pair of the more sweat pants-like that I wear around the house all the time. And to walk my dog because I actually don’t wear anything around the house haha. However, if you get the right pair, joggers will look just like normal pants, but with a more modern/trendy twist. There was a good post I found on Nordstrom’s blog where people made them work in different ways…



My initial issue was that they just looked like sweatpants and people were trying to wear them dressy. They had no tailoring to them and the material was sweatpantsy (you know what I mean). But I had been seeing more tailored versions recently, and when I came across these from Old Navy the texture and the fact that they are half linen half cotton made me want to try them out. And they were only $24. The waistband is normal with belt looks and they have a zipper fly. So they are 95% normal pants. Business up top, party on the bottom I suppose. Also, the texture is great. I love a subtle weave texture to my pants so that they aren’t just a block of color. And once I got these and tried them on, I said to myself “shit.” I knew I liked them, but I SHOULDN’T!!! But you know what, you guys send me emails all the time asking me what you should and shouldn’t do and I usually offer some advice and close it with, “but do whatever you like! whatever makes you feel good!” And you know what, I fucking love these pants. So there! I will admit that my ankles did get a little sweaty because they were tighter around there, but overall the pants are super light and comfy. The moral of this story is that you need to try things for yourself. Don’t get too caught up in rules or what other people say about style. What do you guys think? Are you going to stop following the blog now? 🙂

Shirt: Printed Slim Fit Poplin Shirt in Pedal to the Medal – Old Navy – $13
Pants: Linen Blend Joggers – Old Navy – $24
Shoes: Holt – Robert Wayne
Watch: The Vegan Minimalist Watch – Shop Stay Classic – $20
Sunglasses: Castro Round – A.J. Morgan – Amazon – $13

Shop the post and some other joggers you may be interested in:

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