GQ For Me And You – Suit with Denim

July 31, 2015

Is it just me or are the items used in magazines like GQ and Esquire absurdly priced? I love the styling of the editorials but the actual items are usually just CRAZY expensive. This is a perfect example. The top outfit would cost you $6,727 to get. And how often are you really going to wear that $5,605 suit? I can only imagine how expensive the shoes for this outfit would have been.

I decided to break down this outfit in a more affordable way. And you can get away with a very similar outfit for almost less than the cost of the denim jacket alone. I mean, seriously? Why do you need anything other than a Levi’s denim jacket if you are getting a denim jacket? I even used one from Target that is technically made by Levi’s, but half the price of the official Levi’s Trucker. I wish I could have found a closer suit match but it’s not fall yet so the stores are still full of summer suiting. But you can get a bit more expensive one on Suit Supply that is stil 1/5 of the cost of the original suit.

Suit: River Island – ASOS – $252 (or Suit Supply’s)
Jacket: DENiZEN – Target – $40 (or this one, or this one)
Shirt: Tasso Alba – Macy’s – $26
Tie: Silk Knitted – The Tie Bar – $25
Pocket Square: Milligan Flowers – The Tie Bar – $10 (and a ton more on the site)
Watch: ASOS – $22 (or this, or this)

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