Keeping Memories with a Photo Book

November 12, 2018

This post is sponsored by Blurb

In the age of digital it’s easy to just take all your pictures and never look at them again. After all, it’s pretty difficult to go through a hard drive of thousands of photos… especially if you’re not organized. So when we take a trip we like to make books of our favorites of the trip. And since we just spent a whole month in Italy this summer we definitely wanted to put the pictures into book form so we could look at it whenever we wanted without having to sit in front of a computer.

Over the years I’ve tested a lot of the online book makers and my favorite has always been Blurb. Blurb is an independent, creative book-making and self-publishing platform. I even printed my MFA thesis book with them and I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I was also able to sell directly through their site as well. One of the main reasons I like them is because of their Pro Line uncoated paper. It’s a great matte paper that is thick and feels really nice in the hand. They have a bunch of other paper options as well and you can order a swatch kit to test them all out before ordering your book. I also like that you can choose between a fabric cover with a dust jacket or an image wrap cover. The fabric was perfect for my MFA because it felt a lot more like a traditional art book. I opted for the image wrap for our Italy book and the image I had of Florence was perfect for the wrap.

Right when I opened the package I was blown away by the beautifully printed wrap around cover on my book. I love that the book in itself is an art piece. One of my favorite parts about having a book of our memories is being able to look at them with our son. He loves books and we actually put our travel books in his bookshelf so he can pull them out when he wants. He loves to see the places he’s visited and see himself and us in the photos.

Have you ever made a book of photos? Not only are they a great way for you to hold memories but they make amazing gifts too. Especially for grandparents. Check out Blurb and customize your book today!


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