My Outdoor Kitchen with a Pizza Oven

September 28, 2020
Holding a fresh neapolitan pizza

I have been working on my outdoor kitchen for the past several months. It has been mostly finished for a while but I put the finishing touches on it last week.

Rustic outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

I built it from mostly reclaimed/found wood that I have collected over the years. The only new wood I needed to use was for the structure of the backsplash and some of the side and back walls because I couldn’t find big enough plywood pieces otherwise……… and I just wanted to finish it already. I also recently started using the Roccbox instead of the Ooni Koda. I think it does a bit better job at cooking and is more forgiving (less burning) because the flame power control works better. The oven also stays hot for longer so you could even just turn off the flame and still cook it nicely. But it is much bigger. I am planning on doing a comparison in the near future.

Rustic outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

I originally wanted to setup an outdoor kitchen just for my pizza oven. But I ended up liking it so much that I do most of my cooking out there now. I use a Tillreda induction cooktop from IKEA and it works perfectly for me. Since the weather is basically always nice in San Diego so there’s no reason to be inside!

Rustic outdoor kitchen

Right now I have the storage setup on the left side that holds all the plates, extra cookware, and the two IKEA Tillreda cooktops I have.

Rustic outdoor kitchen storage

When I’m not making pizza I am using one or two of these induction cooktops. It was way easier for me to use an induction electric top, rather than doing a gas cooktop. And it was cheaper too… especially because I already had one.

Induction cooktop for a rustic outdoor kitchen

Heres some pictures of it in action…

Rustic outdoor kitchen with pizza oven in use

I like using these pizza spinners instead of a turning peel, mainly because they were WAY cheaper and perform the same function. I have no idea why turning peels are so expensive!

Checking a neapolitan pizza in a rustic outdoor kitchen
Pulling a margherita pizza out of a Roccbox in an outdoor kitchen

Our favorite pizza lately has been this white pie. It’s got olive oil, garlic, Parmesan, Trader Joe’s black pepper Toscana, mozzarella, and sometimes thyme. Somethymes.

white neapolitan pizza

Cooked wonderfully in the Roccbox!

white neapolitan pie

And at the end of the day I put all the stuff in the right side storage compartment and cover the base with a BBQ cover. The shelf also folds down and I can cover the entire thing that way.

Outdoor kitchen covered

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