April 17, 2015

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#MyDailyAdventure with Rockport

Rockport asked me to share a typical day-in-the-life post for me. My days usually consist of walking around the city, grabbing lunch, getting a happy hour drink, and relaxing at home. This particular day I started out doing laundry with my Izola Laundry Bag and wearing my new Rockport Total Motion Street Boots (which are super comfortable). We grabbed some pizza while the clothes were washing. Then in the evening we went to grab a happy hour whiskey on the rocks (for me) so I threw on a blazer and button up, and the Rockport Ledge Hill Wingtip Oxfords. I love the chunky rubber sole on these. They are perfect for the city and go great with jeans.

Head over to Rockport and grab a pair of shoes with my discount code: ROCKSTAYCLASSIC25. Also, share your #MyDailyAdventure on Instagram for a chance to win prizes.

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