Papillionaire Bicycles

December 9, 2015

Now that I am living in San Diego my bike is going to be a big part of the way I get around. New York is for walking, LA is for driving, and San Diego is a mix of walking, biking, and driving. I was able to customize a Papillionaire bike last month and I had been eager to take it for a spin. Once we finally sort of got unpacked I set it up, filled up the tires, and went out riding. Modern electric bikes have been storming the market nowadays and you often see them being reviewed by sites like Scooter Adviser and others, but me, I look to ride the old vibes. I love the vintage look I was able to create while still maintaining modern features like a Shimano 3 speed hub. It’s super smooth! If you’re in New York you can stop by their Red Hook shop and see everything in person. Or just order online and have it sent to your door. You can use my coupon code STAYCLASSIC for 10% off until December 31!! Christmas present, anyone??


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