Photography Goals for the Year

June 3, 2019

This post was created in collaboration with Chase Freedom Unlimited – all opinions are my own.

Ever since we had a kid… FOUR YEARS AGO… I feel like I’ve been a little off track work-wise. Since both my wife and I work from home, and our kid doesn’t go to daycare, our work has taken a back seat to raising our kid. This year I have set some goals for myself: I want to improve on all aspects of my work, I plan to invest in new photography gear, get out and make more images, travel more, improve the quality of blog and Instagram content I am making, and all around just give myself a little more time to do what I need to feel satisfied in what I am putting out in the world.

During this journey I am excited to be collaborating with Chase Freedom Unlimited. I will need to make some bigger purchases this year as I work on my photography, so I love having a credit card that earns me cash back on all purchases. Chase Freedom Unlimited is a cash back credit card that allows for 1.5% cash back on every single purchase, and right now they actually have a special offer of 3% cash back for new card members. With every purchase I am getting a little back that I can then put into future purchases or even just aside for the future.

Throughout the year I am going to be updating you all on my progress with some tips and other things I’ve learned along the way! Hope you follow along!

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