Road Trip Break in Dallas with Hyatt Regency

November 9, 2015

As you all should know (if you follow my Instagram or read anything I post anywhere) I was on a road trip this past week moving back to CA from NYC. It was just me and my dog this time since my wife and baby flew back. Right away I got a flat tire, had to call for help and got a new one from installed. I was able to stop for 2 nights in Dallas because I was working with Hyatt Regency to help promote their It’s Good to Not Be Home campaign. I stayed at the Dallas Hyatt Regency downtown and it was awesome. I love the idea behind their campaign because I LOVE being away from home. Traveling is amazing and if I could constantly be moving that would be fine with me! It is hilarious when my wife and I get to a hotel because we don’t have cable at home so the first thing we do when we get into a hotel room is to check what’s on HGTV and History Channel (Fixer Upper, House Hunter, and Pickers are our favs). It’s also nice to not have to do laundry or make the bed. And who can complain about room service? This particular stay room service was a savior because it was pouring outside and there were tornado and flood warnings. Plus I was SUPER tired from 3 days of driving before haha.  The two nights in Dallas were a nice refresher. So much so that I drove straight from Dallas to San Diego. 22 hours and about 1500 miles. Here you can see some of the stuff I did while in Dallas….

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