Road Trip – Mystic Hot Springs

September 29, 2016

We love hot springs. They are amazing. I have them bookmarked all over the country because I never know when I may be near them. I have had my eye on Mystic Hot Springs for a while, and they were part of our failed attempt to go to Bryce Canyon last year. So this time around I really wanted to visit them. They were every bit as amazing as I had hoped. The owners of the place filter the natural hot spring water into various bathtubs and pools to allow for more private soaking and at varying temperatures. We got to the hot springs around 7am and no one else was there. It was like our own private little natural oasis. Though it was a bit annoying and less-than-relaxing to have to deal with a baby while soaking, we made it work by putting him in his stroller and giving him something to snack on.

I was wearing these swim trunks, this t-shirt, these jeans, and these boots.

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