Rugged in Cashmere

October 23, 2017

My wife and I had another day to ourselves (they are coming along more and more often now!!) so we headed out to Cafe Gratitude downtown for some lunch and relaxing. It’s so different eating a meal without a baby, you wouldn’t believe. Unless you’re a parent. Then you would.

I wore this new cashmere thermal henley from Autumn Cashmere because it was ACTUALLY KINDA CHILLY THAT DAY!!! Even though it was nearly 90 degrees earlier in the week, and will be 90 again next week. But forget that, I’ll take what I can get! But what I like about this shirt is that when you hear “cashmere” you usually think of more preppy or dressy type sweaters, which isn’t bad at all, but I like that this one has more of an edge to it. And I wore it with my skinny worn-in black jeans and an army green denim jacket to really rough it up even more. Then I ate vegan food. So it all balances out.

This post is in partnership with Autumn Cashmere. All thoughts are my own, duh.

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  • Marcus

    But what boots? Outfit making shoes for certain.

  • Zach Stokes

    Great outfit. Where’s the denim jacket from? I love it in the army green.

    • Tim

      It’s from Old Navy but it’s old so I don’t think they have it anymore :/

  • Nice style Tim that vegan lunch looks very healthy! Too bad the army green jacket is of an old collection and not available as it is class! Keep up the cool posts looking forward for more.

    Julie&Moth | |