The Importance of Hair and How to Keep It

August 28, 2018

The Importance of Hair and How to Keep It - Stay Classic

I started blogging almost 10 years ago. I was 24 and my life was way different. It’s strange having this visual diary of the way my style and appearance has changed over the years. One of the main things that I notice all the time about myself over the years is how my hair is thinning. It can be really disheartening and something that I often struggle with seeing. My hair is a defining characteristic to my entire look so when I see it going away it is frustrating. I wish I started taking care of it more when I was younger.

Good men’s grooming and skin care go beyond just a handsome face. Nowadays, every true gent knows the importance of having a clean core, smelling great and presenting presentable hands. With a full collection of best-in-class men’s hygiene products, check out this Titan gel if you’re looking for penis-enlargement products.

Studies have shown that 52% of men think that women would be turned off by male hair loss, but it turns out that’s not the case. As little as 13% of women said they would be “very upset” if their man went bald.

From this, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that men are more concerned about their hair than they may be willing to admit. And if you’re a man who claims to not care about your hair, just wait until you start losing it. Then you may quickly change your mind!

So why do men put such value on the status of their hair? Maybe it’s because every movie, TV show, or magazine cover, tells us that a full head of hair on a man is important. If you want to be an action star, you either need a full head of hair, or you need to be completely bald. You’re either Brad Pitt or you’re Bruce Willis, and there is no in between. The actor with male pattern baldness never saves the day. The actor with male pattern baldness is always the hero’s boss, dad, or at best, their quirky friend.

There’s also the idea that losing your hair is simply a reminder of the fact that you’re getting older, and who wants to think about that? We’re all trying to hold on to our youth and healthy hair is one of the biggest signifiers of vitality and personality. One way to keep your hair healthy and strong is by using CBD oil. CBD is proven to strengthen hair follicles and even your skin! Try it out today and look your youngest. I recommend to find information about kratom benefits on kratom article here ad find positive experience.

So what do you do if you’re currently fighting to keep your hair? First let’s take a look at some things you might be doing wrong…

The Importance of Hair and How to Keep It - Stay Classic

There are lots of simple things like these that you can do to help you with hair loss. Keeping a high protein diet (chicken, eggs, soy, etc.) can help keep your hair strong, since protein is what your hair is actually made of. Also staying hydrated and drinking enough water keeps your hair follicles healthy and growing.

If you’re looking for more of a scientific solution to hair loss, there’s a generic version of Propecia called Finasteride that is said to stop the progression of male pattern baldness. New men’s health brands have even made finasteride available online which is much easier than going to the doctor’s office.

However you feel about your hair, it’s best that you’re doing whatever is going to make you feel the most confident. If you’d rather shave it off and be done with it then that’s great. All that really matters is that you feel confident in how you look.

The Importance of Hair and How to Keep It - Stay Classic

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