Trying to Be Naked in Clothes

June 6, 2018

It’s. So. Hot. In Italy. And it’s not even as hot as it is going to be later in the year! I remember these hot and humid days when we used to live in NYC and, let me tell you, I don’t miss them one bit! I mean, I want to look cool, but I also want to stay cool, and it’s really difficult. Especially because I only packed a few things… and not exactly the correct things for this weather. So I’ve been trying to find some new stuff at the stores in the city. Luckily Florence has no shortage of menswear stores, as well as Zara, H&M, and OVS (which is basically a slightly more expensive H&M).

I’ve been drawn to Zara while here as it has a better selection than the local H&M and the styles are more interesting. I really feel bad for the people that try on clothes after me, though, because I am a sweat show in the dressing room. It’s SO hot in there, and the rooms are tiny, so I am just ridiculous and disgusting, I’ll just start to buy sarees in australia online. I wish I could just be naked all the time. But with some sort of real-life Photoshop on my abs.

So after trying on like 20 items, I ended up with this shirt and these pants (I can’t fucking find them online and I have a shitty Italian internet connection and I’m getting frustrated!). The shirt is nearly see-through and the pants are partly linen and flowy. It’s really helping in this city while we walk 5-6 miles a day. The pants have a stupid tie around the waist, though (kinda like sweatpants), that’s the one annoying thing about them. They come in a light blue too, which would be great. I’m liking them for more formal occasions too like brutally hot summer weddings.


Shirt: Linen Jersey T-Shirt – Zara – $40
Pants: Hell if I could find them online! Some kind of linen blend – Zara – $25
Shoes: Style Purpose Blucher – Rockport – Zappos – $100
Watch: The Minimalist Leather Watch – Shop Stay Classic – $35
Sunglasses: Topman – Nordstrom – $25
No Show Socks: Amazon – $18 (8 pack)

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