Fall Colors in Upstate New York

October 7, 2019

This weekend we headed out to New York City, and then upstate to photograph a wedding. We stayed in an amazing tiny cabin in the forest at a place called Gather Greene. It was perfect timing to see the fall colors and a great excuse to wear coats and sweaters. We took the backroads from the city and had the best time seeing the old houses, deer, wild turkeys, rivers, and trees.

We stopped into this cool little diner called Gracie’s Luncheonette for breakfast…. well… I had a veggie burger. And we grabbed coffee at a ex-Brooklyner’s place Hartland on Hudson. It’s fun to see the people that move out of the city to these small towns open up cool businesses.

We also had to stop into one of our favorite places in the Hudson Valley: Phoenicia Diner. The last time we were there was 4.5 years ago and it has gotten SO MUCH more popular since then! I had the best French Toast of my life there! I’ve also been wearing my Everlane Uniform jeans this whole trip and they are great!


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