Fall Weddings in Southern California

ECCO asked me to check out some of their new dress shoes in their fall collection. I was immediately drawn to the VITRUS Wingtip. I found it to be particularly good for a fall wedding because of the rugged sole. Lots of the weddings I go to are outdoors and often on varied terrain (like mountains or deserts) so having a nice rugged sole is helpful. And a super comfortable shoe is helpful too lol. So ya get both with the VITRUS. They have a bunch of other good options as well.

Fall weddings in Southern California are a bit different than basically everywhere else in the country. Fall is kinda just a bit cooler than summer. So during the day it’s still gonna be in the 70s and by nightfall its probably down to like 62. So I’m liking this outfit with cords and a chambray shirt where you can roll down the sleeves if it gets a bit chillier at night. I can rarely wear a blazer at a wedding reception because I get way too sweaty dancing. And I gotta be loose. And if you don’t like blazers I’m an advocate for a nice vest to make it a bit dressier. And always have a tie.

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Fall Weddings in Southern California - Stay Classic
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