Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions I receive.

Height: About 6’
Weight: Around 150 lbs.
Blazer: 36R
Shirt: XS
Pants: 30×32

How do you style your hair?

I use gel and comb it down tight to my head and let it dry. Then I smush it around with my hands. Sometimes I add hairspray after to help it hold. I don’t wash my hair every day so it looks better after the second day or so.

Do you get your clothes tailored?
The only tailoring I have done is having pants hemmed to be made shorter. I only shop at places, or buy items, that fit me off the rack and I ignore the other stores. While that helps keep costs down, if you find something super cheap that just needs to be taken in a bit it may be worth it!

Outfit staples:
Dark blue jeans, brown oxford shoes, gray and light blue oxford shirts, brown or gray tweed blazer, faux-leather jacket, heathered gray sweater.

How do you get such good deals?
I shop sales a lot. I am on almost all the stores’ email lists so I get the email blast early that advertises sales. I Google “(store name) coupon” before I buy anything. There are usually coupons. I also use the eBates Chrome extension to get a little cashback at a bunch of online stores.

Your “similar” item is way more expensive than the one you’re wearing!
Sorry, I try my best! A lot of the stuff I wear is years old and it is difficult for me to find that exact item to link to. But I always list exactly what the item is or where I got it so you can always try your luck at those stores. I also use referral links for those “similar” items so that helps me out with the day-to-day of running the blog.

If those weren’t your questions please feel free to contact me and I’d be glad to help you out with stuff. Thanks!