FoolProof Denim with 7 For All Mankind

February 26, 2016

A lot of you guys email me asking about how I take care of my shoes and jeans. I generally reply with “I don’t”. I’m so lazy that I just wear them and do whatever is easiest to get them clean. 7 For All Mankind has come up with a new line of denim that is made just for that. They use a unique denim weave and fabric finish that allows you to wash them and dry them as you wish without worry of shrinkage (I was in the pool!). Whenever I take my jeans out of the dryer I can barely put them on and it takes a few days for them to re-stretch back to semi-normal. With 7 For All Mankind’s new line of FOOLPROOF denim you can just pull them out, put them on, and go! I’m wearing the Paxtyn Skinny in Indigo and I also picked up the lighter wash in the Slimmy in Tribute.

My wife and I have been out in the desert all week and I decided to take my new Foolproof Paxtyns with me. My wife is wearing their awesome new 70s inspired denim jumpsuit. A couple that wears denim together stays together, right?

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