Get Outside!

June 20, 2018

I’m partnering with ACE™ Brand to talk about how important the outdoors are in our lives and to encourage you all to GET OUTSIDE for National Get Outdoors Month this June. We love ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandages because I grew up as a skateboarder and my wife was a dancer so we are basically permanently injured. So having an ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandages along with us helps when our inevitable knee and ankle injuries act up again!

Since my wife and I are both from Southern California, spending time outdoors is very important to us. Whether we are at the beach, hiking, or even just walking around the neighborhood, we love being outside. It’s actually one of the biggest reasons we moved back from NYC… we wanted to be able to be outside all year round without having to deal with putting on 50 layers to do so 🙂 And we wanted to make sure our son had the ability to be outside as often as possible. San Diego is perfect for that.

When we decided to spend our month in Italy in Florence we were remembering the city as we experienced it as a young childless couple. We didn’t realize how different it would be with an almost 3-year-old. The main issue was that there really aren’t very many places for him to play without Vespas and Fiats zipping by. Obviously, we walk everywhere in the city, but our son is in the stroller so we wanted to find places where he could be free to run around and just play. We made it a point to find as many parks, and particularly playgrounds, as we could! Luckily we came across several playgrounds that were all close to our apartment and made the walk nice. We also went to lots of car & vespa-free piazzas too. Seeing him run around with the medieval buildings as a backdrop made the trip for us.

We also headed to Lucca for a few days because we loved it so much when we first visited back in 2011. We wanted to get away from the hectic city of Florence and Lucca was a nice respite for us. PLUS it has a super active community with many people running and bicycling all around the city walls. And there was so much green space for us to run around! We also popped over to the beach at Viareggio, because you know, we have to be at the beach at least once while we’re here 🙂

Are you an outdoorsy type? If you are, awesome! Continue on! If you aren’t, maybe use month as a kick-start to enjoy this beautiful earth we have.

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