GQ For Me And You – Brown Belt

November 11, 2015

Here is the latest installment of my GQ For Me And You series, and honestly, I can’t believe I had to do one like this. A BELT. Yes, A BELT, is being promoted by GQ that will “make any pair of pants look better”. Yipee!! Only if your shirt is tucked in I guess. But ya, it looks nice, so I checked out the full article. Guess how much it was? $50… ya right…. the only thing GQ would promote that is $50 is probably a fancy burrito in Manhattan or something. $100.. nope…. wait, no way is this thing over $200. Well…………… ya, it is! Think about how much you pay in rent, or how much your last round trip flight was, or how much you make in a month working as an adjunct college professor. Well, this belt may be more than that. Yes, that’s right! Monsieur Tom Ford has provided us with an $890 belt. Because if you don’t have a belt that is almost a grand, you shouldn’t be able to hold up your pants. Now maybe I’m biased because I only own basically two belts. Two belts that I’ve owned for almost 2 years. A “casual” belt and a reversible dress belt. I don’t care what Ryan Gosling’s character says in Crazy, Stupid, Love. about reversible belts. I like it. I wear the black side maybe once a year. Well, here are a number of brown leather belts that look just as good as the Tom Ford… because, really, how close are people getting to your belt to notice the detail. If they are, they want what’s underneath. And good for you! Oh, and also 4 vacations you can take for less than the price of the belt.



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