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High school is so different now for kids. I mean, the internet has changed things SO MUCH. And especially in regards to men’s fashion. When I started this blog in 2009ish there were like 3 other men’s fashion blogs. And it was nearly impossible to find affordable cool looking stuff. Now look! You can get stylish and well fitting clothes at Target and there are hundreds of men’s fashion blogs. I could have definitely used some fashion advice when I was in high school. I was a skater in a punk band, and I didn’t give a shit about looking good. I mean, I was all about goofy thrift store finds and being funny. Or about wearing band tees from shows I went to. And for some reason I thought I was a Medium (size not a psychic), though I probably should have been an XXS. And taking care of my clothes? Ya right.

I used to sweat A LOT when I was skating upwards of 6 hours a day. And on stage, under those lights, it was like I just got out of a pool. And my clothes suffered the effects of a sweaty body. Well I, along with Esquire, am here to tell you there is a better way. I’ve teamed up with them and Dove to tell you about the Dove Men+Care Invisible Antiperspirant. I can’t tell you how many of my white undershirts were ruined by yellow staining, or even my black shirts with white marks. They looked like Franz Kline paintings. The antiperspirant sticks and Dry Sprays from Dove have been reformulated to stay invisible, and won’t leave any white marks on 100 colors of shirts and jackets. And because they work as antiperspirant, you won’t get yellow pits either. And it has a built in moisturizer to protect your skin at the same time. So basically, the clothes you care about will last longer because they won’t get stained by either your deodorant or your wondrous bodily fluids (at least from your pits).


In the vein of now never having to get rid of clothes you love, head over to Esquire and check out a slideshow of a bunch of stuff that I am just so nostalgic about and attached to to throw out. Ranging from one of my favorite band tees to boots to my 50 State Mugs collection (in progress).

This post is in association with Esquire and Dove.

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