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My Sedona Experience with HP

A couple weeks ago I headed to Sedona as part of my collaboration with HP and their new Spectre laptop. I had been to other parts of Arizona and Utah but never Sedona. I have always heard about the energy vortexes and was very intrigued by them and their supposed healing/rejuvenating powers so I thought it would be the perfect place to visit and experience while using a laptop that is reinvigorating the PC world. I stayed in a dome house, which is always something I’ve wanted to experience. And it was a great home base for the trip.

The laptop was a perfect companion on the trip. It is so light and thin it barely made a dent in my suitcase. It provided a great home base to research the vortexes, look up trails, restaurants, and edit the photos I took over the course of the trip. I also took it on location with me and played some music while I experienced the vortexes. I love the way it fit in with the environment and the sound is great.

Throughout the trip, and definitely after being back home for a while, I kept feeling that I need to do this more often. I used to take road trips to beautifully landscaped places all the time before we had our baby, but things have slowed down since. I have my graduate degree in photography but most of the work I have been making over the recent years has been strictly commercial and commissioned and not necessarily something close to my heart. This trip made me want to try and do more personal work and connect more with the work I am creating. I hope you enjoy these images from the trip.

This post is in collaboration with HP.

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