Quarantined in Hawaii with Bullboxer

May 5, 2020

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We are two months into quarantine and the weather is starting to get real nice. Before COVID-19, we had plans to go to Hawaii around this time, but obviously we had to change those plans. But that doesn’t mean we can’t bring Hawaii into our backyard! Jam on the ukulele, drink some tiki drinks, and just imagine….

Ironically, the last time we went to Hawaii I was on the search for some sandals that were comfortable enough to wear while walking around the city of Waikiki. I didn’t want to wear canvas slip-ons or sneakers. I tried so many different kinds, based on many recommendations, but none worked. They were either too floppy, too stiff, the leather needed months to break in, or they were just ugly. Then I discovered the Romero by Bullboxer.

Right out of the box the leather was creamy smooth and soft, and the sandal just felt wonderful. I was actually very surprised, because based on my previous experience I had low hopes. I love the buckling rear strap design, which makes them great for walking longer than just from the hotel to the beach. The Romero by Bullboxer would be great for Palm Springs or Europe too. And I do plan on going to both of those places too haha. For now, though, I’ll have to just play Hawaiian music and pretend I’m there in my back yard. I can also definitely see me wearing these with chinos for evening cocktails… man I miss having a cocktail at a bar.

As the stay-at-home restrictions begin to soften, definitely check out these leather sandals by Bullboxer for some nice summer footwear.

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