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Setting Up My Stduio

November 9, 2016

Thanks to Zappos for sponsoring this post.

I recently acquired a studio space in San Diego. I needed a place to have all the stock for Shop Stay Classic as well as a place to shoot and meet with clients. It’s working out pretty well so far but I am still setting it up. I hope to be able to have sales there of stuff from my closet so people can actually try stuff on.

I had to get a bunch of stuff from IKEA ( along with a shop vac), of course… mainly shelving units to be able to organize things better. I went with my son and he had a great time being pushed around on the cart checking the vacuum. Also, have you ever eaten at their cafe? We LOVE it! It’s like $10 to feed 3 people, and now with their veggie balls it’s even better! And all the food is made from quality ingredients and GMO free. Annnnnnd with the family card you get free coffee! And don’t forget to grab a $1 vanilla cone on your way out!!!!!

I have also been working at a coop workshop as well. I’ve been mainly using the wood shop and I have been working on some live edge materials. A few days ago I made us a very basic bed frame. It’s nice to be able to have a place to use all the tools that isn’t my back yard.

You’ve probably noticed my new Rockport chukkas throughout the photos. Ever since my old pair of chukkas that I used to wear all the time finally fell apart I have been trying to replace them. So far these are the closest to what I like in a chukka… thin, light and comfortable. Their cushy footbed is great for standing working in the shop too. And I got them from Zappos, which has free 2 day shipping and returns (1 day if you’re VIP) so that made it easier. I actually needed to get a different pair because the first size I bought was too big, but I had them by the next day. Sweet.


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