Shorts? Only in Palm Springs

June 21, 2019

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You may notice that I basically never wear shorts. Even when it’s super hot out I will probably be wearing jeans or chinos, and hopefully some lightweight ones. However, I find myself almost always wearing shorts in Palm Springs. I mean, it is HOT HOT HOT there, but the vibe of the town also really lends itself to shorts. I love purchasing things like these from Unionbay. Unionbay has everything from shorts for men to shorts for women, they have everything. I bought things from them and they came in the right size and great quality just for low costs. And if you couldn’t tell, I’ve been on a big Aloha shirt kick lately. Kinda my summer wardrobe staple. And this shirt from Southern Tide uses throwback Reyn Spooner fabric (a pioneer of the Aloha shirt) so I love that about it! It’s also nylon/spandex blend so its nice and stretchy and comfortable! And these shorts are also from Southern Tide.

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