Some New Stuff

April 19, 2017

I thought I’d post some new stuff I acquired in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t really been buying a lot of new things lately but I did get some new things recently that I particularly am fond of.

I have been struggling lately to try and find denim that works well for me. My pair from American Eagle that I’ve had for like 3 years is still my go-to but they don’t make that particular kind anymore so I have been trying out all kinds of others. When Mott & Bow started a few years ago I was intrigued with their denim and now they are really taking off I figured I should finally try out some of them.The Skinny in Wooster is what I went with and the fit is great and they have a nice amount of stretch.

When J. Crew announced their new version of the retro Nike Killshot I thought they looked pretty cool. But I wasn’t freaking out as much as everyone else since I am not really a sneakerhead. But I’ve been seeing them in some outfits and I thought I should try and get them. They are super expensive now because they are now sold out and people are capitalizing on that but I managed to find a pair for the retail price on eBay. They were worn and a little beat up but that is EXACTLY how I like my shoes so it ended up working out for me. They may be a little small, though, but hopefully they work out.

I have been in contact with the people over at Atlas Supply Co. for the past several months and we have become sort of Instagram friends. They sent me over one of their new versions of their slick leather backpack and I really like it! It has the perfect amount of compartments for travel and I can’t wait to fly with it. I have been bringing it with me on weekend trips as well. And it makes a great baby bag. Not to put your baby in, but to put their stuff of course. They also threw in one of their cool camera straps.

Does anyone else struggle to find a wallet that holds enough shit but doesn’t bulk up their skinny jeans too much? I do! I had one from Marshall’s a while back but I needed a new one. I tried so many but they are all just slightly too wide or don’t have enough slots or they are way too expensive. I found this one on Amazon for under $25 and it is working out wonderfully! I fit like 8 cards and my ID in there. Along with the little bit of cash I carry.

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