Trying the Bandana / Neckerchief Thing

December 18, 2017

After seeing so many “cool guys” with these bandanas around their neck I have been wanting to give it a go. It feels so weird but I think it looks cool. It’s one of those things, like hats, that are tricky and make me self conscious, but maybe you just gotta do it. I remember when wearing JEANS used to feel weird to me! And ties! Don’t get me started. So maybe it’s just like that?

I did a poll on Instagram asking what you all thought about the look and it was nearly split down the middle with “cool” and “lame”, but it was my most voted on poll so people definitely feel strongly about the trend. Besides my own dad voting “lame” I think the people I respect mostly voted “cool”. And did I spring $20+ dollars for a single “vintage” bandana? You’re god damn right I didn’t. I found a 12 pack on Amazon for $11 that has a bunch of different colors and got that! Then I threw them in the wash immediately to soften them up. Try it out for yourself.

Here are some more inspiration photos for you. What do you think of the trend? Comment below, or on my Instagram post.

Shop the outfit:

Trying the Bandana / Neckerchief Thing - Stay Classic

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