Where to Buy Face Masks for the Whole Family

May 9, 2020

Well, I never thought I’d have to make a blog post like this, but alas, here we are. During these crazy times we are being asked, at least in California and a bunch of other states, to wear face masks when we go out in public. It seems like this is going to be the new normal for the time being so I figured I’d do a little post with some of my favorite face masks. The only annoying thing is that some of these companies take up to 3 weeks to get the masks out to you, so order sooner rather than later! It was hard for me to find masks for kids, but I linked a couple. If you have more favorites please comment below! Stay safe out there!




Rustic Dime


Electric West




Common Genus – Tied around back of head



Dazey LA


Christy Dawn





Sunny & Cheer

Heres some pics of the masks in use. Good luck out there!

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