Where to Find Free Hot Springs in Tuscany

June 25, 2018

I want to start branching out on this blog and include more posts that aren’t strictly style focused. My life has evolved quite a bit since the creation of this blog back in 2008(!!!). So I thought I’d do some posts surrounding our trip to Italy. And this is the first one.

One of the highlights of our trip to Italy was stopping at a couple of the free natural hot springs in Tuscany. We are huge hot springs fans and try and visit as many as we can when we road trip through the US, so it was only natural for us to try and find some in Italy. Tuscany has a lot of hot springs resorts but only three free natural hot spring areas that I know of. We visit two of them.

Fosso Bianco – Bagni San Filippo

The first one was called Fosso Bianco and it is in the town of Bagni San Filippo. It was a couple hours from Florence. It was a really tiny town… it had maybe 3 restaurants and one bar. The gelateria was closed when we were there, which was a huge bummer because it was super hot outside and gelato would’ve really hit the spot. These hot springs were hidden amongst the trees in a forest setting. There was a lot of different options for soaking, including several pools that you could be in by yourself of with your group. And there was a lot of shade so that is handy. There was a minimal amount of walking on a smooth dirt road from the paved road to get to the springs, but the walking once you are there is a little more “climby” so we had to carry our kid for a lot so that we could make faster progress lol. Here is a link to the location on a Google Map.

Cascate del Mulino – Saturnia

The next springs we visited were about an hour and a half south of Fosso Bianco in the town of Saturnia. Now, here there is a huge spa resort that you can go to that has nice clean pools, restaurants, hotel, etc. But if you want the epic natural hot springs soak, that is also free, you want to go to Cascate del Mulino. These are free to soak in and even have a huge free parking lot. And there is a little bar/restaurant where you can get booze, coffee, light snacks, and packaged ice cream bars. And there is even a PIZZA VENDING MACHINE. These hot springs were EPIC.

When we were driving to these springs you can see them from the road and it was just the most amazing sight. The hot springs themselves are insane too. It was about 80 degrees outside and the springs felt to be maybe 95 or so. So they weren’t too hot. One warning, though: there are thousands of tiny tiny tiny red worms that are swimming in the springs with you. They don’t do anything, but it’s a little weird seeing them just swimming around. We tried to stay near the flowing waterfall-type areas and not the standing water pools as the worms were just floating there and it was a little more jarring lol. These springs also have a river running through at the bottom and I think that water is even cooler so it’s a nice variation of temperatures. Here’s a Google Map for these.

There was one other I found but we didn’t make it to and that is Terme di Petriolo. Have you been to any of these? Leave a comment below.

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